Sweet Treats

         Whether you're craving something sweet with your morning coffee or to complete your dinner, we've got you covered. We have put a creative twist on the classics to bring irresistible flavor experiences to your celebrations, special events and your everyday indulgences.  Stop in to choose from our rotating selection of goodies or place an order for your special event.  

+ Fancy Cupcakes                            3-

+ Super Fancy Cupcakes                3.50

+ Half Dozen cookies                       5-

+ Dozen Cookies                              10-

+ Breakfast Pastries               (see daily list)

+ Dessert Specials                  (see daily list)

+ Ready Made 6" Cake*                  30-

+ Ready Made 9" Cake*                  45-

+ Gluten Free Cupcakes                 4.50

+ Gluten Free  Cookies (6/12)       7.50/15

+ Gluten Free Brownies                   4-

+ Ready Made GF 6" Cake*           45-

+ Ready Made GF 9" Cake*           65-

* We keep a small rotating stock of Ready Made Cakes on hand.  These cakes are available on a first come basis and occasionally run out.  Be sure to place your cake orders a week in advance to be sure to get the cake and flavor you want.

Treats in Shop

Treats to Order

Happy Chicks Bakery

Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am - 4pm

Closed Sunday + Monday 


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4035 Hamilton Avenue 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
call us: 513-386-7990
email us: happychicksbakery@gmail.com

Allergen alert:  Our bakery is a dedicated egg and dairy free space.  Our bakery regularly processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten/wheat flour on shared equipment, so while we do offer items without these ingredients we cannot guarantee that cross-contact will not occur.  (everything is vegan)