We Are...

happy chicks bakery

An independent Bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio dedicated to Creative Flavors and Artistic Presentation

( all done with kindness + love ) Featuring Weddings, Sweet Treats and Lunch items


Our Focus



      Our menu is focused around creative flavors that you can't find everywhere; varieties that are both surprising, unique and delicious. We offer seasonal flavors that show off the best of what's fresh and local! We want you to be dreaming about the flavors you have had from our bakery.  

    We want you be drawn in by the beauty and artistry of our creations. Their design, decoration and display are the first impression and we want it to be an inviting one. We think of each treat as a piece of love. Everything is make by hand.



     Since what we make is usually a treat, we want you to be glad you chose ours.  We create dairy free, egg free and artificial dye free (vegan) bakery flavors and products that are fantastic. Our goal is that the treats you choose from us are unique, delicious and leave you wanting more! Vegan or not we want our to be the best you've ever had.   


      For us kindness means making all our treats vegan and sourcing organic, local ingredients from the Cincinnati area whenever feasible. Since we are a vegan bakery everything we make is dairy, egg and artificial dye free.  Most of our menu is soy free and many menu items can be made with out gluten and nuts (some are naturally).  

​      That kindness also extends to the food and business community. There is a rich, diverse and creative food culture in Greater Cincinnati. We love finding something inspiring and sharing those awesome places and people with everyone we meet. Whether it's a new variety of apple, a fresh take on food trucks or a well written blog, we want to spread that love.  


       There's a lot that goes into building a bakery.  From packaging, to business cards; location to staffing- we're striving to make choices that are responsible both in big and small ways. We try to use as little packaging as possible and make sure that its recyclable (and when possible compostable). Bring your own bag and get an extra punch on your rewards card.  As we grow we want to make sure that those steps stay true to that vision.  

Happy Chicks Bakery

Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am - 4pm

Closed Sunday + Monday 


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4035 Hamilton Avenue 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
call us: 513-386-7990
email us: happychicksbakery@gmail.com

Allergen alert:  Our bakery is a dedicated egg and dairy free space.  Our bakery regularly processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten/wheat flour on shared equipment, so while we do offer items without these ingredients we cannot guarantee that cross-contact will not occur.  (everything is vegan)