Cookies are the quintessential treat.  We keep a rotating stock of them in our shop daily for easy grab and go treats.  Our shortbread style vegan cookies fit the bill for your sweet cravings.  Whether you need something chocolately or fruity, simple or daring - our bakery has a cookie to fit your mood.  



Year-round Flavors:
+Athenian Apricot-light spices, orange zest and dried apricots* 
+Chunky Monkey- Vanilla cookie with chocolate chip, banana chip, and almonds* 
+ Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip- black raspberry  cookie with chocolate chips
+ Spicy Mexican Chocolate- dark chocolate with  cinnamon and cayenne*
+ Peanut Butter Coconut Curry- peanut butter cookie with sweet yellow curry and shredded coconut*
+ Turkish Coffee Chocolate Chip- coffee, cinnamon, cardamom, chocolate chips*
+ Walnut Valencia- chocolate orange cookies with walnuts*
+ Chiramoya- flavored with the super fruity chiramoya extract and matcha*
+ Blueberry Lavender- local blueberry lavender jam in this tasty vanilla thumbprint cookie*
+ Chocolate Pistachio- pistachio cardamom chocolate chip cookie*
+ Orange Basil Chocolate Chip- orange basil cookie with chocolate chips*
+ Lavender Lemonade- lemon and lavender cookie*
Seasonal Flavors:
                  (Summer: June-August)
+ Summer- Lemon lime thyme with strawberry jam*
+ Orange Blossom Apricot- Orange thumbprint cookie with apricot preserves*
              (Fall: September-November)
+ Pumpkin Almond- Almond thumbprint cookie with pumpkin butter*
+ Orchard Oatmeal- with dried blueberries and apricot jam*
Campsite Cookie- cocoa cookie with dried figs and dry-roasted peanuts*
             (Winter: December-February)
+ Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip- chocolate cookie with mint and chocolate chips*
+ Mexican Wedding- melt in your mouth with pecans and powdered sugar
                   (Spring: March-May)
+ Bali- lemongrass cookie with hints coconut and ginger*
+ Spring Chick cookie: lemon coconut cookie.*  
+ Strawberry Balsamic- vanilla bean sugar cookie with strawberry balsamic reduction* Late spring into early summer*

Flavors with an asterisk can be made gluten-free.  

We offer a rotating selection of flavors in the shop.

COOKIES:   Dozens $10, half-dozen $5,  (Minimum Order 1 dozen per flavor)

GF COOKIES: Dozen $15, (Minimum Order 1 dozen per flavor)


Want to send cookies?  

For a flat price $65 for 5 dozen (no cut-outs) we will send cookies any where in the US. Ask us what our current selection is before you place your order- ships Mondays.