Cakes + Cupcakes

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Super Fancy FLAVORS

                                                 (customer favorites)

+  Yellow Dragon* (coconut yellow curry cake with almond icing and almond garnish)

+  Blueberry Lemon* (vanilla cake with blueberry lavender filling, and lemon icing)

+  Caramel Chocolate Stout (chocolate stout cake with vanilla icing and caramel drizzle)

+  Bourbon Chocolate Cherry* (vanilla cake with bourbon cherry filling and chocolate icing)


Cupcakes Dozen: $42 ($54 GF)

(Dozen Minimum Per Flavor. For a variety, please stop by and choose from our rotating selection)

6"Round Cake: $35 ($45 GF)


9" Round Cake: $50 ($65 GF)


Half Sheet Cake: $90 ($120 GF)

(Note: Wedding Cakes are priced differently, please see wedding cake pricing.) 


                                               (customer favorites)

+  Chocolate Rose* (chocolate cake with rosewater icing)


+  Sweet n Tart* (Lemon cake and icing with crushed freeze-dried raspberries)

+  Orange Lavender* (orange cake with Lavender Icing)

+ Strawberry Lime * (Lime cake with Strawberry icing)

+  Ginger Chai* (spiced chai cake with ginger icing and candied ginger garnish)

Click Here: For the full list of  fancy flavors

Cupcakes Dozen: $36 ($51 GF)

(Dozen Minimum Per Flavor. For a variety, please stop by and choose from our rotating selection)

6"Round Cake: $28 ($35 GF)

9" Round Cake: $42 ($55 GF)

Half Sheet Cake: $80 ($105 GF)

(Note: Wedding Cakes are priced differently, please see wedding cake pricing.) 

All our flavors can be made as: Cakes (6",9", half sheet), Cupcakes (dozen minimum per flavor), or Wedding Cakes.  Flavors with an asterisk can be made Gluten Free

We require a weeks notice for all cake orders.

Baby Smash Cake Pricing:

Each: $8   

single 4" layer Vanilla cake with vanilla icing with either a letter or number design 

(also available gluten free for $10) 

{6" Round cakes​}

feeds 6-8

fancy cupcakes
assorted decorated cupcakes
flower topped cupcakes
star and moon cupcakes
roses and daffodil cupcakes wedding cincinnati
spring cupcakes
snowball- winter
sweet n tart
rose topped cupcakes
fall dream
caramel apple cider cupcakes
peach lambic
mini lemon fig
bourbon chocolate cherry
rose cupcakes wedding cincinnati
wedding size tier (additional cost)
wedding size tier (additional cost)
flamingo cake
orange daylilies
edible flower topped cake
tiny rabbits
orange mandala
fondant leaves
Roses berries ruffles
monogram plaid
orange mums birthday
yellow and magenta submarine
anchor birthday
Wedding size tier (additional cost)
{9" Round cakes​}

feeds 14-16

winter 6 inch
Sloth  decoration $10
tibetan horse
purple birds
white on white daffodils
floral lace
crystal birthday cake
yellow daisies birthday
pirate swords and stripes
stars for stella
passion flower
pink and orange cone flower
chunky monkey birthday
brown owl
double border strawberry
fireworks birthday
red car birthday
berry crescent
geo floral white on pink
meow meow
Better together fall
Tandem bike
pink princess rubber duck
sliced berries and sprinkles
{Half Sheet cakes​}

feeds 35-40

flower design cake birthday
white roses and red foliage
pirate rainbow birthday cake cincinnati
little men
garden birthday
balloon animal
farm animals
necktie garland
eugenius band
baby animals shower
wintry birthday half sheet

OUR CAKES:  Two layers of cake with icing and/or filling between the layers and surrounding (baby smash is a single layer).  Many of the super fancy flavors also come with garnishes.  Most of our icings can be tinted for decoration or left white (exceptions chocolate, grapefruit, pumpkin, apple butter, raspberry and strawberry).  The standard decorations for our cakes is a simple finish with decorative borders around the top and bottom and up to 20 letters of piped script included.  We love working on creative design ideas and happy to work with you when you need something extra special.  All our work is done by hand without the use of printers.  

OUR CUPCAKES:  Our standard size cupcake comes with standard decoration depending on flavor to help us distinguish the variety in the case.    Please ask if you have specific color or design requests. 


Because we don't use any preservatives in our products we can not guarantee the quality or freshness of our products after 24 hours.    We can not offer refunds for items unless they are brought back the same day of purchase.