Other Sweet Treats


-We use the best of what the season brings. For this reason we do not have set pie flavors. Ask us about our seasonal pie offerings. 
NINE inch Pie- $35  (GF $50)
Cupcake size- $46 per dozen  


- We have a rotating selection.
Ask about our seasonal offerings.
NINE inch pan- $30 (GF $37) (9-30 servs)
Half sheet pan- $55 (GF $75) (20-60 servs)


 +Ask about our seasonal offerings.
(Our cheesecakes are soy and cashew based.  Please give us at least a weeks notice for an order.)
NINE inch- $40


- Amaretto Apricot 
- Orange Poppy Polenta Shortbread
- Fall- Applebutter Granola
-Winter- Fig
NINE inch pan- $30  (9-30 servs)
Half sheet pan- $55  (20-60 servs)

Happy Chicks Bakery

Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am - 4pm

Closed Sunday + Monday 


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4035 Hamilton Avenue 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
call us: 513-386-7990
email us: happychicksbakery@gmail.com

Allergen alert:  Our bakery is a dedicated egg and dairy free space.  Our bakery regularly processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten/wheat flour on shared equipment, so while we do offer items without these ingredients we cannot guarantee that cross-contact will not occur.  (everything is vegan)