Whether you're inviting everyone to a large traditional wedding or keeping it intimate and unique, make your celebration sweeter with wedding cake and other treats from Happy Chicks Bakery.  

Happy Chicks Bakery


Creative Flavors


Our menu includes wedding cake classics like almond and chocolate, but we also offer flavors you won't find at any other bakery.  From something subtle like Keylime Rose to decadent Bourbon Chocolate Cherry or the exotic Yellow Dragon we have a array of flavors that highlight a range of tastes and seasonal offerings.  


Can't find the perfect flavor you're dreaming of?  We can help you create a custom cake that fits your palate and works with your menu.  We can even offer suggestions of drink parings and additional dessert items to round out the course.  

Competetive Pricing


Our wedding cakes are priced to be accessible to couples on a range of budgets.  The pricing and contract are meant to be simple and user friendly- take a look.  We don't charge you extra if you want multiple flavors-Variety is great!  If you want your cake to be an artistic center piece to your celebration with details, sculptural elements and inspired designs you have come to the right place!  Ask us about designing a unique cake to be the centerpiece of your receptions.  

Boutique Service


With Happy Chicks, a local independent bakery, you will get the personalized service that you're looking for in choosing your wedding cake.  We work with you to answer questions, provide you with ideas, and bring creative vision to designing your cake and wedding desserts. We offer complimentary tastings for orders serving 100 or more guests.  


Desserts Everyone can Enjoy


Celebrations can be laced with stress,  especially when you or your guests have dietary restrictions.  Whether lactose intolerant, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free,  milk and egg allergies- we can help.   We are a dedicated dairy and egg free facility.  While we do process soy in our kitchen, most of our treats are soy free as well.  For gluten-free and nut-free folks we have options too (We do process those ingredients in our kitchen, so cannot guarantee there is never cross contamination.  We are thorough about cleaning between batches however).

Artistic Presentation


In every aspect of what we do, we strive for beauty.  So we at Happy Chicks Bakery want our products to look as good as they taste.  Your cake and other desserts should fit your celebration and your style. As part of our process we collaborate with you to design something that is truly you!  Whether simple, elegant white cake is the look you imagine or something colorful, contemporary or sculptural, we can create a cake as beautiful and unique as the love you're celebrating. 

Beyond Cake


Not everyone loves cake and not every couple wants just cake at their party.  We've done pie weddings, cookie receptions and dessert bars.  We can even make goodies for favors for your guests.  Any item on our menu can be a part of your menu, just ask us!

Happy Chicks Bakery

Open Tuesday-Saturday 9am - 4pm

Closed Sunday + Monday 


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4035 Hamilton Avenue 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
call us: 513-386-7990
email us: happychicksbakery@gmail.com

Allergen alert:  Our bakery is a dedicated egg and dairy free space.  Our bakery regularly processes soy, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten/wheat flour on shared equipment, so while we do offer items without these ingredients we cannot guarantee that cross-contact will not occur.  (everything is vegan)