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Super Fancy Cakes + cupcakes (flavors with an asterisk can be made gluten free )

+  Grapefruit Poppyseed* (Campari poppyseed cake grapefruit marmalade and grapefruit icing)

+  Yellow Dragon* (Coconut yellow curry cake with almond icing and sliced almond garnish)

+  Cherimoya* (Cherimoya matcha cake, coconut icing, and caramelized pineapple garnish) 

+  Green Fairy*  (Anise, fennel matcha cake with St. George Absinthe soak and chocolate icing)

+   Marrakech Carrot* (Carrot cinnamon cardamom cake with, apricot jam filling, almond icing toasted sesame seeds and dried apricot)

+ Caramel Macchiato* (Coffee infused cake with vanilla icing, cinnamon, coffee and caramel garnish)

Raspberry Tiramisu* (Vanilla cake with amaretto soak; raspberry chocolate espresso filling, almond icing + cinnamon garnish)

+  Blueberry Lemon* (Vanilla cake with blueberry lavender filling, and lemon icing)

+ Bourbon Apricot (Vanilla cake with apricot jam, and Bourbon icing)

+  Key lime* (Lime cake, with key lime juice soak, almond coconut cream icing and grateful graham crumble garnish) 

+  Caramel Chocolate Stout (Chocolate stout cake with vanilla icing and caramel drizzle)

+  Bourbon Chocolate Cherry (Vanilla cake with bourbon cherry filling and chocolate icing)

+  Chunky Monkey* (Chocolate cake with almond butter filling, vanilla icing and crushed banana chips)

+ Bourbon Black Forest (Chocolate cake with bourbon soaked cherries and vanilla icing)

+ OTR Chocolate* (Cocoa cake with caramel icing, and toasted coconut + pecan garnish)

+ Lemon Ginger Poppy * (Lemon poppy cake with lemon marmalade filling and ginger icing)

+ Strawberry Rose * (Vanilla cake with strawberry jam and rosewater icing)

+ Caramel Amaretto Sour *(Vanilla cake with lemon marmalade filling, an amaretto soak and bourbon icing and caramel dazzle)

+ Date Night *(Lemon olive oil cake with lavender blackberry cabernet jam filling and almond icing)

Seasonal Super Fancy Cake + Cupcake FLAVORS


Fall Super Fancy Flavors (Sept-Nov)

+  Harvest(Sweet cornbread cake, apple + pineapple brown sugar filling, vanilla icing with a sprinkle of nutmeg) 

+  Fall Dream(Orange spice cake with pumpkin butter filling, pumpkin butter icing) 

+  Caramel Apple Cider*(Hard ginger apple cider cake with apple butter filling and icing, and caramel drizzle) 


Winter Super Fancy Flavors (Dec- Feb)

+  Lemon Fig(Lemon olive oil cake with fig jam, almond icing and dried fig garnish)

+  Snowball(Coconut cake and icing with ginger cranberry filling and shaved coconut garnish)


Spring Super Fancy Flavor (Mar-May)

+  Spring Chick(Lemon cake with lemon marmalade filling, coconut icing, and shredded coconut garnish)

+  Carrot Pistachio(Carrot cake with clove, lime zest and orange icing, pistachio garnish) 


Summer Super Fancy Flavors (June-Aug)

+  Strawberry Shortcake* (Lime cake with almond coconut cream icing, fresh strawberry jam filling) 

+  Peach Lambic (Peach Lambic cake with peach filling, peach icing and coconut garnish)​​


Limited Edition Super Fancy Flavors

These flavors are offered seasonally based on the 

availability of local ingredients, limited quanitites available

+ Watermelon Lemongrass (Lemongrass cake, mint icing and watermelon cilantro chutney) summer

+Rhubarb Margarita (Lime cake with rhubarb filling, margarita icing and pink sea salt garnish) Generally late spring early summer

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